My name is Ronny Bremer and I am a professional people photographer specializing in Editorial (Wedding, Events, Portraits, Boudoir), Fashion and commercial Beauty photography.

You can reach me at my email address or via iMessage/SMS at +41 79 6010178.

A couple of years ago I moved to Basel, Switzerland, where I enjoy living and working in one of the most visually stunning regions of central Europe.

When I started learning the basics of photography, everything was analog and film based. I primarily shoot photos in black & white and developed pictures in my own darkroom. Learning photography in that manner was a great experience for me, as it taught me to focus more on the composition of a picture rather than the post-processing. Light and shadow, depth of field and the arrangement of the scene played the central role in my work.

In spite of the digital revolution these principles have not changed for me. Although I mostly shoot digitally now, my primary goal is still to create a memorable picture with the camera and to only use the computer for subtle enhancements.

I enjoy working with people a lot. This is the basis of my creativity. However, some landmarks or scenes are just too beautiful to pass by. Working with individuals allows me to tap into my full potential. From the beginning, creating character portraits has always been my favourite area of photography. Finding a way, together, with the model to bring out his or her inner self and freeze it in time is one of the most intriguing and rewarding aspects of my work.

Mutual respect, professionalism, an open minded attitude, a friendly and yet determined atmosphere are the cornerstones of how I work with clients, models and partners.

Since most of the equipment I am using is highly portable, shooting at different locations both indoors and outdoors can easily be arranged.

I speak fluent English and German and look forward to talking with you.